Topic: Ghys Tube Cane

I am interested in purchasing Ghys tube cane directly from Madame Ghys.  Has anyone done this recently, and if so, what was the process that you followed?  I did this once before, but it was back in the late 80's, so I'm just curious if anyone has attempted this in this decade.

I have a snail mail address as:

Mme M. Ghys
(Le Roseau du Var)
2239 Avenue Michard Pelissier
Antibes, France

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Katie Smith

Re: Ghys Tube Cane

Here is a more detailed address (from the archives of Brian's Double Reed Page Suppliers, thanks to the web archive; found here:

Madame Marcelle Ghys
Le Roseau du Var
2239 Avenue Jean Michard Pelissier
06600 Antibes Juan Les Pins
04 93 33 45 34 [tel]
04 93 65 98 25 [fax]

I order cane frequently from Loree in Paris with no problems. However, I once had a terrible experience with Alliaud. I ordered 1 kg of oboe tube cane and they tried to charge me 90 euros for shipping after I received the item since it was sent expedited. I would have thought the company would let me know that the shipping was going to be that much in advance, but they didn't. I wound up paying less, but I won't go into that. Moral of the story: ask how much shipping will be in advance.