Topic: Noblet Oboe

I'm a senior in high school, and I'm a flute/bassoon player.  About a month ago, a friend and I were talking with our band director, and she said she thought there was a pile of damaged instruments in the basement that we could go check out. So, we went down to look for them and actually found quite a few instruments, including an oboe, several bass clarinets, an alto clarinet, keyboard, and some trombones.  My friend wanted some to make jewelry out of the keys, and I thought I could find something interesting to do with them too (thought maybe the bells from the bass clarinets could make neat lamps) so I grabbed the oboe, alto clarinet, and a bass clarinet (all 'Noblet' brand).  While trying to figure out what to do with them at home, I found that the oboe (actually the clarinets too) seemed to be in not too bad condition.  I took a bassoon reed and with a bendy straw was able to fit it onto the oboe, and I was really surprised when I actually got some sounds out of it.  So, I got an oboe reed and spent hours messing around with it, taking keys off and cleaning them, and got it into playing shape. Infact, I would say I'm not too bad at it! I'm now playing oboe and english horn on a song in band because our oboe player quit.

Anyways, I fixed the case (glued the broken wood together and lined it with new fabric) and cleaned the oboe some more.  My director thinks that the school threw these instruments down there and bought new ones just because they were so old and pretty dirty.  So, I have a free oboe! I'm trying to figure out how much it is worth.  The number on the top part is 4978, and the bottom has the number 4769 if that means anything. It seems to be pretty old, however I can't find much info on it online.  Maybe someone here knows?


Re: Noblet Oboe

It is not a well known manufacturer and is not worth that much. Depending on the intonation and stability it may be a good instrument. Keep it. Send it to a specialist oboe repair tech, I recommend Justin Young. Have everything cleaned, oiled properly, and maybe have the tone holes recut some it they are in bad shape. You can drastically improve an oboes intonation with a new bell. Get a Weber & Capps.