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I am turning the tables on IDRS members for a little info/update.  I am hearing that there is a new edition of the Martinu Oboe Concerto (OB/PN) but have thought the Eschig Edition, copyright 1960, was the only one available.  Can someone enlighten me about this new edition.  Publisher, editor, etc?  THANKS  Trevor

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I received this email in Dec. 2007.  I don't know Guy.  Someone forwarded this email to me.


Dear Friends, dear Oboists,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you to tell you that the Martinu Oboe Concerto is about to be released in a brand new edition.
The new edition will be printed by Eschig-Durand and will available from the end of January 2008.
It was prepared by Prof. Maurice Bourgue and myself over the past 2 years.
We have examined the original manuscript and have tried to be as loyal to it as possible.
This edition offers all the relevant information to the player together with an improved layout, and a brand new piano reduction.
The new score and orchestral parts are due in the summer

We hope you will enjoy this new edition and that it will enable you to enjoy the concerto better.
Should you have any questions or remarks, please do let me know.

Guy Porat


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Thanks - this helps a lot although my initial request to Eschig regarding a "new" edition received no response and the US distributor for Eschig new nothing about a new edition either.  I will follow up with an email to Guy.  Thanks again.  Trevor

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Trevor, I've been interested in this story for some time as well. A search under the new publications link of the Durand Salabert Eschig website reveals a posting from Jan. 30th of this year

Apparently Mssrs. Bourge and Porat have completed a new critical edition of the Martinu Oboe Concerto based on the autograph manuscript and the work of the concerto's first interpreters Tancibudek and Barbirolli. I find no indication when this new edition will appear in print. 

Format : 22,5 x 30,5 cm, 44+16 pages
Éditeur : Eschig
Référence : DF 15843
Date de parution : 30/01/2008
Dans le répertoire concertant pour hautbois, le CONCERTO POUR HAUTBOIS ET PETIT ORCHESTRE de Bohuslav Martinu s'est désormais imposé comme une œuvre de premier rang, aux côtés des Concertos de Mozart et de Richard Strauss.
La présente édition - proposée ici dans une gravure entièrement nouvelle - a été l'occasion de revenir aux sources de l'œuvre, principalement le manuscrit autographe de l'auteur mais aussi, entre autres, les partitions utilisées du vivant du compositeur par les premiers interprètes comme Tancibudek et Lady Evelyn Rothwell Barbirolli. Une préface retrace l'histoire des premières éditions de l'œuvre. Les notes critiques sont consacrées à la description des sources, à l'exposé des principes éditoriaux ainsi qu'aux notes éditoriales, très utiles pour l'interprète.
Cette nouvelle édition a été confiée à Maurice Bourge et Guy Porat et la nouvelle réduction pour piano a été réalisée par Yann Ollivo.

I'm eager to see this new edition,

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