Bb2. Cooper, L. Hugh. The Double Reed 2/4 (April 1980): 29. For pianissimo use Cooper p. 56.

   (Db)       F# 
x x x | x x o F
  (w)  Bb E

Bb2. Corey, Gerald. To the World's Bassoonists 7/3 (1977): 5. For pianissimo.

x x x | x x o F
   w   Bb E
(C) D

Bb2. Swanson, Robert. "Pictorial Bassoon Fingerings." Woodwind Magazine 3/9 (May 1951): 5. Same as Cooper p. 53 with L. H. D key and without L. H. little finger Db key.

x x x | x o x Ab

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