G#5. Christlieb, Don. Pictoral Fingerings for Bassoon. Published by author, 1966, p. 17.

/ x o | o x o F

G#5. Corey, Gerald E. (18 Apr. 1997). From Fagott Solo, edited by Dieter Hanchen (Leipzig, 1986):

"add teeth to the reed to set up the next harmonic"

o o o | o o o
 c a 

G#5. Corey, Gerald (Feb. 1999). Needs the Schreiber KD-1 thin metal high register bocal.

/ x o | o o o
 c     Bb

G#5. Ewell, Terry B. (O9 Feb. 95). From Alleva, Gerald:

x o o | o o o
c      Bb

Sources unknown for other fingerings:

x x o | x (x) o
  a   (Bb)

o x o | o x x Ab
 a c#  Bb

Ab5. Timm, Everett LeRoy. The Woodwinds; Performance and Instructional Techniques. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1964, p. 170.

     (Eb)    Bb
  x o o | o x o Ab
Bb B C D

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