The ascii fingerings for the sarrusophone in this index follow the Guatrot chart (after 1868) found in Joppig, Gunther. "Sarrusophone, Rothphone (Saxorusophone) and Reed Contrabass." The Journal of the International Double Reed Society 17 (1989): 47. All keys down:

    1 2 3 
x x x    |    x x x 5 4
11 10 9   8 7 6

NOTE: keys 8, 7, and 6 are engaged by the right hand index finger. The "r" register key--available only on some instruments--is engaged with the right thumb. These are fingerings for written not sounding pitches.

C4-D4. Jolivet, Michel and Richart, Robert. "The Sarrusophone." The Double Reed 8/2 (Fall 1985): 42.

o x o | o o o

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