The IDRS, International Double Reed Society, Forum is the official bulletin board of the Society. IDRS is the world-wide organization of double reed (oboe and bassoon family) players, teachers, students, manufacturers, businesses and enthusiasts. The Society maintains a membership of more than 4000 worldwide. The purpose of the Forum is to provide the public with the means to ask questions, obtain answers, and disseminate information on topics related directly to double reeds (oboe and bassoon family musical instruments). Students, teachers, professionals and music aficionados are all welcome to join and participate in discussions.

The IDRS Forum is moderated by a group of professional orchestral players, university professors and physicians who are all active members of the Society. Yoshi Ishikawa, Editor of OnLine Publications and professor of bassoon at the University of Colorado at Boulder, is the administrator of the Forum.

Registered Forum users may read and respond to any messages posted on the Forum, and may post messages to any Forum except the Classified Ads Forum. Users must be active members IDRS to post ads on the Forum. Ads must be directly related to double reeds and may appear only on the Classified Ads Forum. Ads may appear in any form, and may include photos, prices, links, etc. The number of words in ads must be limited to less than 100, and graphics to less than 100k and within approximately 500 x 450 pixels. IDRS members may post up to three classified ads per month. IDRS reserves the right to remove any ads that the society finds inappropriate. IDRS does not make assurances for the accurate description of any advertised item, nor the reliability of the parties involved.

Forum users must refrain from dominating the Forum with multiple solicitations for the sale and promotion of their products or events. Advertisers may not make defamatory remarks towards their competitors and their competitors? products. In the event of a legitimate complaint against Forum users, please contact IDRS Forum administrator/moderator.

IDRS strictly prohibits political or religious discussions, messages that are slanderous, and solicitations for money or donations, excluding those made by the officers of IDRS on behalf of IDRS. Posting foul or abusive language is forbidden. This includes obscenities, verbal harassments, or comments that would prove offensive based on race, religion, or sexual orientation. IDRS reserves the right to ban any individual from the Forum for abuse and violation of the above rules. (V. 19 May. 2006)

After you receive your password, please register your real name (required). To enter your name, login, then select PROFILE (top menu), then select PERSONAL.

Created and maintained for IDRS by Yoshi Ishikawa, Editor, IDRS OnLine Publications; Professor of Music, Bassoon Performance, University of Colorado at Boulder College of Music.