2 Drying cane

by scott pool

3 Tip Profiler help needed

by BassoonII

4 Bamboo vs Arundo Donax

by marydoob

5 Why BRASS wire?

by scott pool

6 Baroque Bassoon Reeds

by Roemhildt

7 Color of the inside of Cane

by rswbassoon

10 Fox Bassoon Reeds

by adew

15 Reed shape for Renard 240

by Hunter Brown

16 Density gauge

by marydoob

18 Unresponsive reed

by Willy

20 Heated mandrel

by marydoob

23 Plastic reeds

by C.B.

24 Reed Tube Leaks

by Joshua Luty

25 where to scrape: sharp D2

by possanna

30 Use of Files in the Process

by aromey.wave