331 Honking reed

by MichaelG

332 Student bassoon reeds (oboe too!)

by Bryan Cavitt

335 One last question...

by btzmacin

336 Unusual Reed Problem

by btzmacin

337 Stuffy reeds

by Michael Macaulay

340 Change of cane brand

by btzmacin

341 Store bought reeds

by DaHah

343 socially acceptable reed

by crawford gordon

344 Bassoon brands

by Mr Bassoon

346 Herzberg shaper

by karabas

347 Sagging E's

by volson

348 Bassoon reed shapers

by Bret Newton

351 Herzberg Profiler and Shaper

by Paula Brusky

352 Collar or no collar? What do YOU do?

by DaHah ( Pages 1 2 )

353 new site with reed making info

by barry stees

354 Bassoon Cane

by BassoonII

355 Reed Case Hunt

by wibassoonist

356 Reed shape and taper


357 ABC's Gouge

by Trent

358 Techniques for Preparing to Form

by Joey Grimmer

359 bassoon cane suppliers

by DaHah

360 Duco cement

by jgaarder