151 Sticky keys

by Muli

152 Hand Gouging?

by phmurphy

153 Getting Bassoon Cane to China

by bassoontammy

154 Unstable low A natural

by possanna

155 Profilers

by ahc201

160 Beeswax

by scott pool

162 Bassoon tube cane

by Federico Sardi

164 Duco replacement.

by Dean ( Pages 1 2 3 )

165 Reed making book

by Joshua Luty

166 boxes for selling reeds

by tbitty

167 bocal condition

by toru arisawa

168 reeds and humidity

by kelbro

169 Reed case

by bedont

170 David McGill Heavy Tip Reed Photo


172 Securing Rieger profiler

by lauranaj

174 Pre-forming scrapes

by dclark

175 Small Bassoon Reeds

by bassoonroadster

176 1st and 2nd wire distance

by Kent Moore

177 Reed styles

by fagotto

178 Tip profiler?

by arundonax

180 Hot Mandrel Forming

by Jim Westhoff