511 Baritone (bass) oboe


512 Oiling the bore of a bassoon

by Bernhard Mehlig

513 Tight Bassoon Joints

by Kent Moore

514 Automatic Octave Key Oboes

by wdeinzer@wdeinzer.com

516 bore oil

by chester

517 Bassoon Refinishing

by 2ndbsn

519 laval? haydn??

by VincentS25

520 Moeller Bassoon

by drvoyles

522 key post reinstallation

by Mark Bocko

523 Octave key sticking on oboe

by jlanier2001

524 Repair training

by wdeinzer@wdeinzer.com

526 Loose Screws (Bassoon)

by Kent Moore

527 Incagnoli oboes

by jaysne

528 trying out new EH bocals---

by oboe1960

529 Oiling your bassoon...

by alexisj

530 Wild D on bassoon

by scott pool

531 to you Yamaha 841 players

by boboeaz


by RMStein

534 Which type of oboe?

by latebeginner

536 Bassoon bocal case

by Trent

537 Cases

by nickmacorison

539 Keeping it clean

by wdeinzer@wdeinzer.com