1 Sticky: Welcome to the Double Reed Fingering Forum

by Terry B. Ewell

2 Mercury in The Planets

by natechols

3 Low Db/Eb-Shake

by Waldemar HNowak

4 West Side Story

by natechols

6 Capriccio Italien

by Oriole2023

9 High A-B Trill

by Dirknader

10 LeFebvre quintet

by NancyDuncan

11 Eb4-F4 trill fingering for Mozart

by Cravenbassoon

15 E to G shake...

by Jim Jeter

17 B2 to C#2 trill

by rswbassoon

19 Strange and exotic fingerings

by NancyDuncan

21 French Whisper Key

by nev447

24 F-sharp 5

by Trent

25 Realy High notes

by Mr Bassoon

29 High D without a D key

by pmilsted