33 High d on contra

by brpeters

34 Osborne Rhapsody

by BassoonKid

36 Gerald Corey's muffled fingerings

by Bernhard Mehlig

42 Actuellement le basson?

by anotherbassoonist

43 Viennese bassoon fingering?

by stevelayden

46 Marescotti "Giboulees"

by anotherbassoonist

48 Saint-Saens sonata

by alexisj

49 Isang Yun Monolog

by ClareHelenTrim

50 High C# to E

by RustyBassoon

52 Flick Fingering

by reedmaker55

53 Ibert trois pieces

by kheitt

54 Db-Eb trill

by Heather

55 Notes below Bb!?

by YoT

57 Pines of Rome?

by felipe

58 F4

by Bernhard Mehlig

60 Eb3 to G3 shake fingering

by karmen_canada