122 The recent hacking

by oboeandy

124 Attachments

by Chip Owen

125 search function

by chester

128 strange user name problem

by oboeandy

129 Lost IDRS Member

by dsmith2837

130 Library access

by Priest

131 Bassoon Repertoire Lists

by Priest

133 Help with MIDI files

by beseals

134 IDRS Videocast


135 Time Matters....

by compucandi

137 IDRS Podcast

by Yoshi

138 trills

by musiclvr5190

139 Checking my new avatar

by rdanziger

142 IDRS Conference Recordings

by Tyler Durden

143 forum view

by BassoonII

144 Forum text format

by islandoboe

145 Forum Slow Loading Today

by Kent Moore

146 Forum user title


148 Deleting an 'account'

by Ian W

149 Flame War Alert!

by Recorder440