3,602 Beethoven oboe concerto

by lancieboi82

3,604 Francaix Divertissement

by KRoot

3,606 Bassoon Concertos

by Kevin Harris

3,608 Mozart Second Bassoon Concerto in Bb Major

by Michael Macaulay

3,610 Beethoven Oboe Concerto CD

by lancieboi82

3,611 Burgess & Haynes "The Oboe"

by anton.petrus

3,614 Viktor Bruns' Concerti

by felipe

3,615 IDRS 96 recordings

by oboeandy

3,617 mp3 of new work for oboe/piano

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3,625 Ligeti - Mysteries of the Macabre

by karmen_canada

3,626 Bassoon & Saxophone?

by karmen_canada

3,627 Best Bassoon Podcast. Ever!!

by arundonax

3,628 Zipoli - Adagio

by Nancy Schaper