3,631 New Thomas Indermühle CD

by delmar

3,632 Music for Oboe

by peter

3,634 Bach Cantata 78

by Jill Cathey

3,636 ID of Windham Hill Oboist

by delmar

3,637 Maderna - "Aulodia"

by oboeandy

3,638 bassoon video - Turkovic

by DaHah

3,640 A different Poulenc Trio

by delmar

3,642 Vadim Klokov, The new bassoon's CD

by Vadim Klokov

3,644 give the "standards" a rest

by aeolus

3,647 Music for Oboe, Clarinet and Piano

by Oboechick2002

3,649 Bassoon Concerto with Band

by BassoonII

3,650 bassoon music

by rhowe.scvcyms

3,652 Five Movement Tombeau???

by delmar

3,653 Recording Streaming Audio

by Kent Moore

3,654 Heinrich von Herzogenberg

by Saxton

3,655 Passepied P.Lacome

by Steven

3,658 Concerto Competition Peice

by Wess Pasour

3,659 Opera help needed

by jaysne