3,722 Denisov Solo Bassoon Sonata

by Jim Jeter

3,724 Hugo Schuncke Oboe Concerto

by Jaiobie

3,726 Another great Podcast

by Saxton

3,727 Peter Schickele Oboe Concerto

by Leslieoboe

3,728 JS Bach and Bassoon

by Tyne

3,731 Music for Bassoon

by Robert Lohr

3,733 Beginner/student duets

by Bret Newton

3,734 Halloween music for WW4

by Christopher Brodersen

3,736 jazz oboe pieces?

by megboe

3,738 Ecce Cor Meum

by beseals

3,740 Stravinsky Octet

by stevewelgoss

3,741 Peter & the Wolf

by stevewelgoss

3,742 Stamitz Oboe Quartet

by wdeinzer@wdeinzer.com

3,746 Handel Oboe sonatas

by beseals

3,748 Glick Sonata?

by kdrew922

3,750 Oboe and Bassoon duets?

by Serge the tuba