3,782 Senior recital music

by Katie Moore

3,783 Devienne's 4th Bassoon Concerto

by Joey Grimmer

3,784 Favourite Poulenc Sextet recording?

by karmen_canada

3,786 The orchestra passages

by Ewans

3,787 Bach Double Concerto

by chester

3,788 English horn Music

by concertmaster3

3,789 Bassoon Standard Repertoire

by Bryan Cavitt

3,790 A couple of new works (oboe)

by Mufossa

3,793 Need ensemble suggestions

by Marsha

3,794 Zelenka Trio Sonatas

by bassoonmom

3,796 Peter and the Wolf

by sspencer

3,798 Quia respexit topic correction

by compucandi

3,799 Kovar Studies

by Robert Lohr

3,803 Music for Bassoon

by Robert Lohr

3,804 Rudolf von Oesterreich - Serenade

by Bernhard Mehlig

3,805 Schoenbach's Osborne

by Kent Moore

3,806 Geoffrey Bush Dialogue

by beseals

3,808 Baksa Bassoon Sonata

by Katie Moore

3,809 Vivaldi a minor bsn concerto

by BassoonII

3,810 Beethoven Op. 71

by wdeinzer@wdeinzer.com