Topic: Travel to Rigotti Cane Business

Dear Double Reed Friends,
In June we will be traveling to the Rigotti Cane works in Cogolin, France. We are having some problem figuring out how to get to Cogolin from Paris. We have decided on a train to Marseille but from there the public travel seems quite complicated. Has anyone had a successful trip down to the VAR region and the Rigottis?
Frank Wangler
Bel Canto Bassoon Reeds


Re: Travel to Rigotti Cane Business

As far as I recall when I planned to visit them (but in the end couldn't), you'll have to take a train from Marseille to Toulon, jump on the bus bound for St Tropez from there, and get off at Cogolin.

Jon Halvor Lund
bassoon - contrabassoon
Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra