Topic: Herzberg Profiler and Shaper

Does anyone know where I can by this fabulous machine?  Anyone interested in selling? 

I've been looking for months now and haven't found how to get my name on a list or purchase one, so any help would be most appreciated.

Paula Brusky, PhD
Bassoon Chamber Music Composition Competition, Founding Director

Re: Herzberg Profiler and Shaper

Try this link:

I've used one of his profilers since the early 80's and they do make a nice blank, no question.

Paul Barrett
   -Principal Bassoonist, Honolulu Symphony
    -Lecturer in Bassoon, University of Hawaii

Re: Herzberg Profiler and Shaper

I don't know if any of the Herzber profilers is currently for sale.  I bought the very first one twenty three years ago and have been selling reeds and cane ever since.
I also profile cane that customers send me as I can't possibly stock every source that's available.  I can be reached (e-mail) at
phone 631-656-3327
Craig Vandewater