Topic: Judging the teacher

Through an ad I've found several candidates for oboe teachers. All of them are university students or recent graduates, therefore I have no doubt about their playing skills.
Now I'm trying to come up with a list of questions that will help me decide who I want to work with.

What do you feel would be important to ask of an oboe teacher?

Re: Judging the teacher

I would ask if the teacher has experience with the age level of the student.


Re: Judging the teacher

Why not get two or three lessons from each and "audition" their teaching skills? Perhaps tell them that you just want two or three lessons to see what you can pick up. Or, if it fits your style of doing things, be up front and tell each candidate that you're shopping for a teacher. I wouldn't go with a phone interview; your choice of teacher is too important.

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Re: Judging the teacher

Shelby, David's advice of taking a few trial lessons sounds very reasonable. You may also want to hear the prospective teacher(s) perform and also inquire about former students. The individual fit between mentor and mentee is important.
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Re: Judging the teacher

Just to conclude the topic:
I've found a teacher and now have played for about a month.

Actually, I've found two good teachers and had 5 offers.
I've met with two of them, we've talked about experiences, how the lessons would be, they've let me try their instruments and played themselves.
It was quite informative and it was a hard choice in the end. (Since I had no doubts about the teachings skills of either, I decided by oboe system and repertoire.)

Now, 5 lessons later, I'm still very enthusiastic about my teacher and the oboe in general.
It's true: If you've got a good teacher, everything else will fall into place.

Thanks for your advice here!