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Information on "Rush Tickets" - the Philly Orchestra has 100 of these tickets set aside for most concerts.  Maybe other orchestras do this also?  If so PLEASE share this information.

These tickets are sold at only $10 each.  They are from random available seats throughout the auditorium - in ALL price ranges.  Call the box office to confirm what time they go on sale for the concert in which you are interested.  For Friday series, buy your ticket in the morning, have lunch, attend the pre-concert lecture at 1:00 before the 2:00 concert.  Shop in their large gift shop where there's lots of great CD's.  Have the best steak dinner you've ever had at The Capital Grill, then attend another evening concert someplace in the area.  There's sometimes free jazz in the Kimmel Center lobby which is the home of the Philly Orch. or go to Curtis for a free evening recital, or attend a free jazz concert (some Friday's) at the beautiful Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

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