Topic: oboe chromatic fingerings -your opinion please

I have several high school  students who are preparing for district band auditions. Their chromatic requirement is from low C to third octave F, sixteenth notes at quarter equals 120. Some of them have previously learned the "short" fingerings for Eb, E and F either on their own or with other teachers, while students that I started learn the long fingerings. I remember having to work hard to unlearn the short and switch to the long in college and that- along with tone and intonation- is why I chose to start my students with the long. It is much more difficult to get these up to speed, but I think it will be worth it in the end.

Do any other teachers have an opinion on this?


Re: oboe chromatic fingerings -your opinion please

interesting query: I am facing the same challenge in current all state repertoire (very high).

Like you, I learned the long fingerings and the short, but find that most students I meet have learned only the short.
My solution is if the short fingering in at pitch and helps the student achieve fluency in a difficult passage (Altissima E and F) , then I am all for it. However, if pitch or tone discrepancies exist, the student should musical make the choice to play the fingering that plays best. (D#)