Topic: vigder reed method of reed making with wet or dry conditions:

Subject:this short post concerns the condition of cane that i use in the method i make for also is here in the bassoon reed room for those students who possibly are not using the correct temperature of water in the first 2/3rds steps of reed making and are wasting much money in cracked cane!
i hope this method helps some students out.
This is exactly how I make bassoon reeds. the condition means the state of the reed at the particular stage of reed making.

DAY 1 - Pregouging - RDG pre gouger -condition: wet/hot
DAY 2- Pregouging - Weiss pre gouger -condition:"wet/hot
DAY 3 - Actual gouging  -- Bark removal, put in water. Bind cane on plastic tubes with contact rubber.condition:wet/hot
DAY 4 - Profiling, put back in water-condition:wet/hot
DAY 5 - Shaping - Include center dot, let dry overnight-condition:wet/hot
DAY 6 - Bevel, scoring. Put in water-condition-dry
DAY 7 - Forming on forming mandrel-condition-wet/hot
DAY 8 - Tighten 1st wire, put on 2nd & 3rd wires-condition-dry
DAY 9 - Tighten 1st, 2nd, 3rd wires. Clip wires to size-condition-dry
DAY 10 - Clip & tighten 3rd wire, file notches for thread, form turks head, dunk wrapping in glue-condition-dry
DAY 11 - Remove from reed blank drying rack, let dry for remainder of day -condition-dry
DAY 12 - Tighten 1st, 2nd wire, reaming , measure to clip tip-condition-dry
DAY 13 - Blade filing,Blade filing-condition-dry
DAY 14 - Blade filing,Blade filing-condition-dry
DAY 15 - Blade filing,Blade filing-cndition-dry
DAY 16 - Final wire tightening, final reaming, rat tail file, sandpaper sides, final filing of sides, upper 10 mm., La Barbe file, bevel knife , fold down first wire.-condition-dry
DAY 17 - Final scrape, file on side tips, La Barbe file and final testing-condition-dry except for testing of reed.
Scott Vigder