Topic: Fingering charts for altissimo range on Fagott, Basson, Contra-Fagott

Yes I am still doing the silly high note thing, I was annoying people at the conference  with high Bb´s and actually had a small group of people asking for fingerings. I must have tried every make of instrument there in Oxford, I liked quite a few of them and will not make a list as to not start an argument over makers. I did notice that all the instruments had an easier high range than my 11,000 series Heckel, (c1 bocal), and I could get to a Bb without teeth and on my normal symphony reed. I really liked the Wolf-Grundman bocals for highs and low and dynamics, I have an Allgood X1 bocal that is quite good for highs.

I may have to do multiple posts to place all of the fingering charts, I will also include charts for Buffet system, ( I have two older Buffets, but confirmed that the fingerings work with the new Buffet at the conference), and German Contra. ( the contra fingerings were made up on Fox and Heckel contras and do not work well on my orchestras Mollenhauers).

Anybody know how to add the other charts without creating a new subject?

I will include links for the other charts for now, this should work..... Only one link allowed, ugh.

Here is the Spanish bassoon page with my charts (tablas de digitación) included, they are listed as "Documento eviado por Steve". … aci%C3%B3n

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