Re: Red Maple ,Yoguslav maple and moutaing maple which one is the best?

ebnezer wrote:

Dear Friends, I understand some of you having a preference for this or that bassoon but my mind is made up on a fox bassoon which I am about to get it in june. My question is realy related to the kind of wood that is used for bassoon making. I understand that fox is using the red maple for they must have done some research on it. I hear that it is very dificult to build bassoon out of red maple and that a processs had to be thought out in order to achieve that. I Also have done some research on wood regarding the Cerejeira but even though it has a beautiful sound it would not be soutable for instruments that have keys on them.  I think that the fox company has developed a way of using sof wood for bassoon making and they are not about to tell us how it is done. That explaing the new bells that they developed. That is my only guess.  Ebnezer Da Silva

I'm not clear if you have a new question for us, or are reiterating your previous questions.

If the latter, my answer in a previous message stands: whether to choose a Yugoslavian mountain maple or a red maple professional Fox bassoon is a subjective choice. Play both, assess both the instruments and your budget (since the red maple instruments are more expensive), and make your decision.

As it happens, I currently own one of each type of wood: a mountain maple Fox 601, and a red maple Fox Model II. I purchased the former well before Fox offered the current red maple option; I purchased the latter because I like the instrument, not specifically because it is made of red maple.

Best wishes for your new instrument! Do let us know if you have any more questions.