Topic: Ganglion Cyst

Recently I have developed a ganglion cyst in the top and middle part of my right wrist. I've had inflammation in it before and last year was told I had the beginnings of tendinitis in the same wrist. That was rectified within a couple of weeks. However, I don't have time to do as my doctor suggests to let my wrist rest for a while. I have a concerto coming up, a competition for another concerto, and I'm also preparing for my senior recital. Can anyone offer any advice?


Re: Ganglion Cyst

From what I understand, the cyst is simply an inconvenience, unless it starts to really bother you.  I've had one on my left wrist forever, and it flares up from time to time.  This year it got pretty big and I thought to have it drained; however my performance schedule did not allow for such, so I just played on.  The flare-up has since gone away.

The tendonitis is a much more serious issue, where continued playing could cause major damage. Hopefully, you've found a way to relax the right wrist and not create so much tension.

Good luck on the concerto!

Scott Pool

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