Topic: Herzberg Shape

I have been using the well-known and much discussed Herzberg bevel for quite a while now, but I would like to find one of his shapers.  He mentions in his short video, which is on this site, that the flare at the base facilitates this short bevel.   I wonder if anyone has ever produced either a folding or a straight shaper with his shape.  I know how difficult it is to locate his own model, which was meant to be used in tandem with his profiler.  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


Re: Herzberg Shape

Benson Bell makes a straight shaper with a shape and flare similar to the Herzberg. I don't know if he has any in stock right now but here is the page with the shaper


Re: Herzberg Shape

Thanks very much Stephan.  He does have them ready to ship.