Topic: Bocal Question

I was recently given some old bocals. They are old, dirty, need new cork, but also, on one of them, the vent hole has broken off. I was wondering, would it do any good to solder the vent back on or is the bocal kaput?


Re: Bocal Question

It's relatively common practice to remove the whisper key vent in order to fix dents and split seams in bocals that are damaged. It's not difficult to replace one if it's been missing. If you have the funds and want to see how the bocal plays when fixed up you certainly can do it. The question is will the bocal be worth it after being fixed? You could at least test the basic playing characteristic of the bocal by taping over the hole and at least testing from Ab3 and down - that will give you some idea if it's worth the repair at all.

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