Topic: Harry Shearer's Le Show-Airport Security and a Bassoonist with Razors

Quick note to mention that there was a brief story on the "Tales from Airport Security" segment of today's "Le Show" hosted by Harry Shearer, concerning a yong chap named Brandon returning to Boston from a visit to Chicago. Brandon wrote to Le Show to say that he'd made it fine through Midway Airport's check-in security, only to reach into his backpack and realize he had a box of 100 razor blades there! He wrote that he had the blades "because I'm a bassoonist and need them to make my reeds." Cute story, if, well, a little scary. Also unfair: I had to hand over a brand new miniature Swiss Army knife only two weeks ago on one of my trips, and this guy gets to board with 100 razor blades!! -Thom