Topic: Marigaux Oboes -- opinions?

Hi Everyone,
I have been a little infatuated with Marigaux oboes lately. I am going to be purchasing a new (or used maybe) horn next summer. I played a couple Marigaux's a few years  back when the new M2 came out and was overtaken by their wonderful and dark tone.

Has anyone played them recently? Which model did you like the best and why? General opinions and observations? I will tell you in advance I am looking away from current Loree which is going on 13 years old (sheesh I'm getting old!)-- I want something with more personality, warmth, flexibility, and character.

Interested in your thoughts -


Shawn Reynolds
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Re: Marigaux Oboes -- opinions?

I'm not an oboist, but one of my colleagues bought a 901 at the conference. He's very excited about it. I think his old oboe was a Howarth, if that matters.

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