Topic: humidifier?

i recently bought a howarth S20 and want to make sure i'm doing everything right by it -- i've never had to break in an oboe before as i've always had a school instrument.

i live in austin, texas where it's humid -- but not as disgustingly humid as houston is. i'd say it's between average and high humidity here. should i use a humidifier in the oboe case, or not worry about it? thanks!

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Re: humidifier?

As far as I know,  it's not the humidity that you have to worry about, it's the lack of it.  I live in Montreal, Canada, which is, apparently, the oboe cracking capital of the world.  Oboes crack in winter, not because it gets cold, but because it gets dry... very dry.  Image a relative humidity or 50% at a temperature of -5, and you'll get the picture.  Wood does not contract and expand with temperature, but rather with humidity, so if the humidity in your area is constantly high, consider yourself lucky.  By the time the humidity drops with the colder weather, the wood should be stable enough to survive.  Just be careful in air conditioned rooms and houses.  They are much drier and if anything can cause a problem, it will be that.

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