Topic: Stevens Staples Alternative?

Hello all.

I've been using staples made my David Stevens for several years now, and really love them (I prefer the #3 pro "thin wall," silver, 46 mm).  They are no longer available, due to David's need to shut down production.  So, those of you in the same boat as me, what are you now using instead?  I like the large opening of the Stevens, as well as the shape (ever-so-slightly pointed at the sides).  I am experimenting with altering Mark Chudnow's CA staples to more closely resemble the Stevens, with some success, but would prefer to forgo the hassle!  Thanks in advance for any tips!

(BTW, if you have any Stevens staples, as described above, and are willing to part with them, please let me know!)


Jonathan Marzluf
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Re: Stevens Staples Alternative?

I used Stevens staples for a while but found they didn't match my reed style well after a while -- especially for the Northeast Ohio Winters. I have done some experimenting myself and find I keep coming back the Chudnow Sierra Silver staples.


Shawn Reynolds
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Re: Stevens Staples Alternative?

Is your issue with the ones you have mainly the cork or is it actually the tube itself that needs to be replaced? If it's just the cork you could use the Nissen tubes.