Topic: Kohlert Bassoon (mid-50's maybe? West German)

Hey everyone!

I was playing around with a bassoon I got a while back and I took out the bell and realized it is a Kohlert. Judging from the serial # it was made in the 50's in West Germany.

I love the deep red maple of the instrument. but (well you expected the "but", right?) she has issues. The top bell ring is loose and some of the pads need replacing. I have no problem replacing them, I have done this for my school before.

I am NOT looking to sell it. I just realize it needs more work than I thought. I think it is a nice bassoon for a "hack" like me, but some things need to be fixed.

I don't want to ruin a nice instrument like this so any advice on where to take it and have someone evaluate it are recommended (in the Boston, MA area).

There are some chips on the wing joint which I want to get evaluated. She plays fine except needing (very badly) new pads and a improved bassoonist too! smile

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Re: Kohlert Bassoon (mid-50's maybe? West German)

Check out Nicholas Evans in New York:

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Re: Kohlert Bassoon (mid-50's maybe? West German)

Jim Kirker is in the Boston area.

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