Topic: Single Reed Mouthpiece for Oboe - Anyone Has Tried This?

Dear all,

I just saw this one eBay, and wondered if anyone has had experience with this? … 1247839971

(I do not know the seller nor have any financial interest in broadcasting this)

Wai Kit Leung

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Re: Single Reed Mouthpiece for Oboe - Anyone Has Tried This?

I think the phrase that came to both me and two of my teachers upon trying one I picked up a few years ago as a curiosity was "it isn't as bad as I'd expect". I asume these were made for doublers that are primarily single-reed players and it might be useful for some of those situations. It sounds like an oboe, but not quite. It isn't really bright or anything like that, just "different." I can't get up much past 2nd octave C/D with it. A different reed might be bertter, but they are pretty hard to come by. I think your best bet on a reed would be to find Ab clarinet reeds (not that easy as it is) and trim the edges.

Oh, I just looked at the listing. I see it doesn't have the minute ligature and cap that it should have. I think it's silver plastic, btw, not metal; judging from the lay. Mine's the typical black plastic.

Incidentally I notice he has 2 and the other is listed at half the price.-kby

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