Topic: High A-B Trill

Hi everyone,

I'm playing Mahler 1 and I was wondering if anyone had a good trill fingering for the high A-B trill at the end of the 2nd movement?

I have tried a couple but I have had no success...



Re: High A-B Trill

My understanding of the German instruction beneath the note is that it is a down trill ie A-G#. That is how it has been played in every orchestra I've done it with.

Re: High A-B Trill

This trill occurs in Symphonie Phantastique as well. Here's how I trill that:

Play A normally.
Move to a B fingering as such:

X O O | O O X Ab
  c      Bb

Trill the middle and ring fingers of the left hand (2nd & 3rd)

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