Topic: Release forms

What follows is a copy of an e-mail message I have sent about the release forms sent out by NYU for IDRS2014:

Dear idrs2014 organizers, IDRS President Sweger, Conference Coordinator Fink and Legal Counsel Jacob Schlosser,

I have downloaded two release forms on separate pages sent to me and presumably other participants at idrs2014.

It is not clear if they are related to each other or are intended to serve different purposes.

If my reading of the second page is correct it grants ALL rights throughout the universe (!) for EVERY media and allows "the producers of the Project" (which is not defined) to have the right to "edit, modify or otherwise alter all such reproductions at the producers' sole discretion."

In my opinion it would be very unwise for any speaker or performer to sign that document. Especially so if they plan to continue working on research they present at IDRS2014. The implications appear to be one-sided, extremely restrictive and they fly in the face of academic freedom.

I will not be signing either page.

In future, I sincerely request that the executive committee of the International Double Reed Society look very carefully at any legal restrictions that would be placed on participants at BEFORE deciding on future conference sites.

With sincerest concern, Christopher Weait

Christopher Weait,
Principal bassoon, Toronto Symphony (1968 - 1985)
IDRS Honorary Member; Emeritus professor Ohio State University