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I am a new player to oboe, and I don't play Cor Anglais, but hopefully in the future this will be an option.  I recently purchased some of those Chiarugi adjustable oboe staples and I notice that removable top section that the cane is tied onto looks very similar to a cor anglais reed staple.

My question is, if tied onto these adjustable staples, can an oboe reed also be used as a Cor Anglais reed?  Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I saw a similarity and given how annoying oboe reeds are, if a good one could double as a Cor reed, that seems like it would be a good thing.


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Not unless you want your Cor Anglais to sound like an oboe with a bad cold. Pitch is likely to be off and the cane is too small to get enough air and vibrations for the larger column. It will make a sound, but that's about it.


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Ok thank you!


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Hello Beano,

the top of the adjustable Chiarugi oboe staple: … -2690.html

looks like a cor anglais staple, but the bore is completely different.

Take a look at this list to compare the dimensions: … d10_dm.php

You can't use the top of the adjustable staple in an oboe as you miss the cork around the brass to fit into the oboe.

We developed a set of tuning rings: … -3367.html

These rings have two purposes:
a) to "make your staple" longer to help you if your intonation is too high
b) to help second oboists, who have to play very soft.

As all oboists/cor anglais players know, it is much easier to play soft on a cor anglais than one an oboe. Reason is the reed. So we brought up the idea to play the oboe on a cor anglais reed!

Sounds strange?

Indeed a quite uncommon idea, and you shouldn't use a cor anglais reed to play Mozart concerto on the oboe, but with the cork cor anglais staples: … -3571.html

you can play nice and easy in the lower register of an oboe.

Give it a try!