Topic: Indiana University - Baroque Oboe

I am a oboe performance/music history undergraduate student with a strong interest in early music and historical performance practice.  I recently visited Indiana University (my younger brother will be beginning his collegiate musical studies there) and very much enjoyed the school.  However, with the untimely passing of Washington McClain, I noticed that the early music department has a vacancy in terms of baroque oboe.  Does anyone know if or when that post will be filled, or who might fill the post?

Sincerest thanks,

Luke Bryson


Re: Indiana University - Baroque Oboe

There is indeed a Baroque oboe instructor at Indiana now. Her name is Meg Owens, and wonderful player based in Washington DC. I'm not sure what the situation is with Baroque oboe majors there, but Meg visits regularly to worth with 2ns study students.

Geoffrey Burgess.