Topic: Wiseman Carbon Fiber Bassoon Cases

Hi guys,

While attending the conference last week, I noticed these new Wiseman carbon fiber bassoon cases to be quite popular. I  got the opportunity to mess around with a display model, and was shocked by it's extreme light weight and rigidity!

It appears to have more internal space than the previous Wiseman case, being able to hold up to 4 bocals, as well as accommodating a bassoon with balance hanger attached. The only "negative" seems to be the price, approx. $2,200!!

Another thing I'm curious about is the lack of the internal velvet flaps to prevent the bassoon parts on each side of the case from rubbing on one another. Yet, there seems to be a new design consisting of memory dividers to hold the parts in place, so the jury is still out on that one....

Does anyone have any experience with these new cases? What is your opinion of them? I'm considering saving up for one, seems really comfortable and convenient (except the price tag, haha).

If you haven't seen them yet: … cts_id=136

- Devin B


Re: Wiseman Carbon Fiber Bassoon Cases

I have seen the oboe/EH ones advertised as well. Cannot justify the cost....very expensive.

Shawn Reynolds
Professor of Oboe/EH - Youngstown State University
Howland Schools - MS (director of bands); HS (Asst. Dir of Bands, Marching, Symphonic)