Topic: Thank you, NYU

Sorry that this is rather late, but I want to express our huge thanks and gratitude to Matt Sullivan, Gina Cuffari, and Kaitlyn Walker (as well as their huge team) for a fantastic conference in the Big Apple.  I think that all who ventured to New York City in August were treated to an incredible experience in the heart of New York.  Our hosts slaved for three years to make all of this possible, and IDRS will always be in their debt for a most exciting, inspirational five days.  The conference had everything from outstanding early music performances to many, many world premiers, the opportunity to pay tribute to many of our double reed legends, brilliant concerto performances with St. Lukes Orchestra, West Point Band, and Washington Square Park, a record number of exhibitors, and a final reception in one of the most incredible settings in our Society's history.  We also had our first double reed flash-mob in historic Washington Square Park.  Matt and his team made us feel right at home and have added a brilliant new chapter to our history.  Thanks for the memories.  Marc Fink, IDRS conference coordinator