Topic: Appropriate Tenor Clef Studies

At least in my experience there seems to be a gap in good literature on teaching the tenor clef for younger bassoonists. The Weissenborn barely introduces it and just expects you to play in it, and solo rep that I know of is mostly the same: quite technically difficult when entering the tenor clef. Diving head first into cold water.

Any good books/methods that incorporate tenor clef at a reasonable pace for a player in middle school? For a kid that is still working out fingerings maybe, but has needs to play to high Bb and seeing some tenor clef?

What's out there?

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Re: Appropriate Tenor Clef Studies

Introducing the Tenor Clef by Reginald Fink is the book I used myself and I use for my students who are advanced enough to learn tenor clef.

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Re: Appropriate Tenor Clef Studies

Doug Spaniol's new edition of the Weissenborn includes a lot more tenor clef. Meanwhile you can use the old one to teach it by having students play the early lessons converted to TC. Past a sticky note over the clef sign and add one sharp (or subtract one flat) to each bass clef key signature.

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