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To fellow bassoonists (and oboe d’amore-ists) who are working on the Ravel Bolero solo:

My colleague Andy Reamer, who is a phenomenal percussionist, just made this recording (partly at my behest).  On it, he plays the Bolero rhythm on several different drums (including one he made himself), and at a variety of speeds.  He plays the rhythm a bunch of times with each setup, always at the same soft dynamic.

When I played Bolero recently, I found it very helpful to practice the solo with the drum rhythm playing on speakers.  Much more interesting to work on it that way than merely with a metronome.  Since Andy hadn’t made his recording at the time, I used a loop I made on Sibelius to play it over and over.  Andy plays it for real.  Much better.  Of course, you can set the volume as low or high as you want (trombonists might need to really crank it up).

The recording is available on iTunes and CDBaby.  Below is the link as he sent it to me.

Have fun!

David Sogg
Co-Principal Bassoon
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Play Along to Ravel's Bolero : The Definitive Snare Drum Tracks … d920416876

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