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I am working on the Capriccio Italien and my fingers are refusing to cooperate with the passage from bars 537-544.  Any suggestions regarding making this section any easier to play (other than practice it  a lot, which I am already doing)?  It's 4 bars of Fsharp-Gsharp-A (just above the tenor clef staff) followed by 4 bars of Gsharp-A-B.



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Re: Capriccio Italien

Nancy, A fast and awkward passage! Try using these fingerings:

F#: 1/2 x x |  x x o F
G#: 1/2 x x | o o o F
A:    1/2 x x | o o o F
       LTH: A, C#

Use same G# and A fingerings then go to
B: 1/2 x o | x x o F

Fingering purists will say you shouldn't use a 1/2 hole on high A and B, but it works for this very fast passage.

The high B is very unsatisfactory if you try playing that fingering as a sustained note.

The nice thing about this fingering pattern is that you can keep the F key down and you don't have to use the RH3 on the G key (a very awkward movement at any tempo)

Good luck, crw

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