Topic: Reed soaker that attaches to music stand

We have all wanted one of these from time to time, and many of us have bought them.  Here's a cheaper solution.  Get your favorite pill bottle reed soaking jar, two (preferably) rare earth magnets, and a hot melt glue gun.  Rare earth magnets are so strong that I once used  1/2 inch rare inch fridge magnet to lift a hatchet that had fallen behind a gyp-rock partition.  It worked with no problems.  These will not move.  They can be found at

1. Glue magnets to bottle.  Allow glue to cool.
You're done.

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Re: Reed soaker that attaches to music stand

I've also noticed that some of these things do not attach to say stands with thinner support bars. They won't work with my foldable stand which clearly I didn't think through. I don't know if I would reccommend them.