Topic: commission for a new bassoon quartet by composer Gernot Wolfgang

(This notice is being posted on behalf of bassoonists Charles Coker and John Steinmetz)

Dear Fellow Bassoonists,

A group of bassoonists is forming to commission a new bassoon quartet from composer Gernot Wolfgang. Some of you are already familiar with Gernot's wonderful bassoon music—his pieces have been heard at IDRS conferences, and his new CD includes "Dual Identity" for solo bassoon and "Common Ground" for bassoon and cello, both terrific pieces.

Would you like to join us in co-commissioning this new piece? Here's a description of the project:

    1) A composition by Gernot Wolfgang of approximately 10 minutes for 4 bassoons, with the 4th bassoon doubling on contra.

    2) 18 commissioning persons at $250 per person. If more people are interested, then we will reduce the per-person fee.

    3) A two year exclusive performance rights period for the commissioning parties.

    4) Tentative completion of the composition: the middle of 2007.

Los Angeles bassoonist Charles Coker is the ringleader of the project. If you want to participate, please contact Charles at

You can learn more about Gernot at his website,
To hear audio samples:
    1. Click on "CDs" at the top of his home page.
    2. On the CD page, click on "Concert Music."
    3. You will see a list of CD releases. "Common Ground" has bassoon music, as do the albums by David Breidenthal and Allen Savedoff.

Please help us by spreading the word to other bassoonists. This is a great opportunity to add another wonderful piece by Gernot to the repertoire!  In the last few years groups of musicians have successfully commissioned several new pieces, proving that we don't have to be rich to sponsor the creation of new works. I hope many of you will want to join us.

    Best wishes,

    John Steinmetz