Topic: Milde Bassoon Trios

Hi all,

Are the 14 Milde Trios for 3 Bassoons in public domain? Does anyone have a pdf that they could send me? I'm running some clinics for High School students and would like to get them playing some chamber music!


Matt Nickel
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Re: Milde Bassoon Trios

they are not on IMSLP or the Clarinet Institute of America ,which has these bassoon trios:
Bach, J.S. - Fugue, BWV 847
Bach, J.S. - Fugue, BWV 851
Bach, J.S. - Fugue, BWV 854
Hook, James - Trio, Op.83 No.1
Rathgeber, Valentin - Aria Pastorella
Speer - Sonata No 1 for 3 Bassoons
Speer - Sonata No 2 for 3 Bassoons
Weissenborn, Julius - 6 Pieces for 3 Bassoons, Op.4
- See more at: … M8VZu.dpuf
Their Archive CDs are a bargain (cost about $12 maybe a bit more) and have a huge amount of music on them for bassoon, despite their misleading clarinet name!
I think I got my Milde Trios from Trevco-Varner.