Topic: Adding resistance; Unbalanced octaves

Hey everyone.  I'm a brand new reedmaker and have two questions.  Please forgive my insolence, but I was wondering how to "add" resistance to a reed that already has a very thin tip?  I made my first reed this evening and, while it plays fairly well, it responds to pretty much everything and I'm used to reeds that have more "kick-back" when articulated.  Also, my high register (particularly Ab, A, Bb, and B) are a bit flat when I hit the second octave key.  I did as the Weber book said and didn't overcompensate with my airflow...but even when I do, these notes are still a bit under pitch.  Is there a particular area I can scrape to help fix this problem?  Granted, I know that this first reed will leave MUCH to be desired, but I want to improve on my next one and hopefully get a little closer to what I define as being *publicly* playable!  :-)  Thanks for your help!  I really do appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.