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Hello all,

I am looking to purchase one of the Fox wooden crutches to replace the standard plastic one I currently have. I normally use my current crutch in reverse (the thick end or "hump" in the palm of my hand) but want to get one to use the "right" way around. I am looking for a design were the hump is located slightly farther  forward than the plastic ones, making the flat part longer. I think that the Fox #1 crutch is designed like this but it is hard to tell from just pictures.

Does anyone have any experience with this crutch and can you confirm that the design matches what I am looking for?

Many thanks.


Re: Fox wooden Hand Crutches

I believe that the wooden Fox crutches have a smaller diameter post then the plastic crutches so you would have to replace the base unit as well as the crutch itself.  They have quite a few different models so hopefully you could find one to work on your bassoon.

Bob Williams


Re: Fox wooden Hand Crutches

You can get the wood crutches in either 5/32" diameter stem or 3/16" diameter stem. The renard bassoons ship with the 3/16" while the pro bassoons ship with the 5/32" bracket uninstalled. For whatever reason they charge more for the 5/16" size ones.

The Fox type 1 crutch is the same general shape as the plastic crutch, but the stem is located differently. I find that if you like the Renard crutches flipped upside down (I do) the #1 type crutch is comfortable oriented the "correct" way since it puts your hand in the right place relative to the Bb key and whatever else.

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