Topic: Characteristics of various vintages of Puchner bassoons

In shopping for a bassoon, I'm considering trying used Puchners. Could anyone tell me what to expect from Puchners made in various years? The Puchners I see for sale most often are from the sixties and seventies (and sometimes the eighties). I've tried brand new Puchners recently and I know what they're like, and for many years I've been playing a Vinzenz Puchner made probably before World War II. I seem to remember reading about a Puchner from sometime in the seventies that was thick-walled. Right now, I see a couple of Puchners for sale, an Original from the late sixties and a Nauheim from the late seventies; it would be useful to have some idea of what an instrument might be like before I had it shipped to me. Thanks.